Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dream job

When people talk about their work we always hear about the same things.

They love their job or they hate their jobs.
They make good money so they'll keep it.
They are underpaid but keep it for the people.

Some go to school for years to get a carreer that they might hate once they get in the profession itself.
Some dont have any education and get lucky.
Some are contente with what they have.
Some just complain all the time.

The people that say they love their jobs, I can understand it might be true, but is it their dream job?

Have you ever taken the time to analyse what you really love, how much money you'd really like to make (realistically), what is the perfect environment, who are the greatest coworkers, who is the perfect boss? Would you be able to live with this dream job so life wouldnt turn into a nightmare?

I've been doing alot of thinking and I still think I have more to do.
I realize that things I really like to ,that I've already done in the past without getting paid, I could maybe do and make myself a career out of it.

Can I find my dream job?

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