Saturday, October 31, 2009

Saturday's hot guy #3

***Warning*** You may drool, be prepared.

Here is Didier Cohen. All I could find out about him is that he currently lives in Los Angeles, he's 6'3 and very yummy :P

I think he might be a bit too skinny for me,but he still look damn good.

Friday, October 30, 2009

My wedding

Ever since I saw the movie The Crow when I was in High school, I knew I wanted to get married on Halloween. The next Halloween where I could be old enough, in love and on a Saturday would be Halloween 2009, which is tomorrow.

Eric Draven and Shelly Webster were my inspiration for a long time when it came to love and in a way a part of me still envy's them.

When I pictured it, It was always indoors. I could see the pathway to the church and the isle down to the alter covered in leaves.

The wedding would of been in the dark with only candles held by the guest to light the church up.

The flowers that I would of held would of been full of bright colors.

I never taught about the dress, but this one inspires me happiness.

The at the reception the place cards would have been held by pumpkins.

And the dance floor would of been lighten by lanterns.

I dreamed and dreamed about this wedding for years, but never found Mr Right. Then I slowly started to let go of this dream wedding of mine. It then turn into a more fall-funny-hallloween wedding.

Simple wedding, with all guest costumed and also the bride and groom.

With a funky cake.

Now all these pictures a are just borrowed ideas from others, I still have a crystal clear picture in my head of what both wedding would have looked like.

Tomorrow will be the day, the day of my wedding and I will not be getting married.
I am in a relationship right now but we are far from getting married.
I still believe that getting married on Halloween would have been awesome, but it will still be awesome no matter when or where it is as long as we are ready and in love.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pink Giveaway‏

Hello fellow bloggers!!!

Here is my first giveaway.

I love the blog world.
I love reading you guys.
I have a huge heart.
I love making people smile.
and I just felt like it.

I will draw from a hat the name of the winner of this wonderful prize on my birthday in November (Yeah I know it's my birthday and you guys are the one getting a gift)
You wonder when is my B-day? I guess you will have to wait and see who is the lucky winner.

As you all know October is the breast cancer awareness month, so I went pink a little. I have a package full of pink and breast cancer products just for you!

All you have to do to enter the giveaway is, to post the picture of the pink gift of my giveaway on your blog with a link to my post and leave a comment here to let me know:)

Good luck!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Every day we use it and never wonder about it, so here is a little bit of history for you.

The earliest known reference to toothpaste is in a manuscript from Egypt in the 4th century, but toothpastes or powders did not come into general use until the 19th century.The Greeks and then the Romans, improved the recipes for toothpaste by adding abrasives such as crushed bones and oyster shells(eurkk).
In the 9th century Persian musician and fashion designer Ziryab is known to have invented a type of toothpaste. The exact ingredients of this toothpaste are currently unknown,but it was reported to have been both "functional and pleasant to taste". It is not known whether these early toothpastes were used alone, were to be rubbed onto the teeth with rags (rags doesn't sound very clean)
An 18th century American and British toothpaste recipe containing burnt bread has been found. Another formula around this time called for dragon's blood a resin, cinnamon, and burnt alum. (eurk again)
By 1900, a paste made of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda was recommended for use with toothbrushes
In 1892, Dr. Washington Sheffield manufactured toothpaste into a collapsible tube.
Fluoride was first added to toothpastes in 1914 and was criticized by the American Dental Association in 1937.
In 1955, Procter & Gamble's Crest launched its first clinically proven fluoride toothpaste.
In June, 2007, the US Food and Drug Administration advised consumers to avoid certain brands of toothpaste manufactured in China, after some were found to contain the poisonous diethylene glycol, also called diglycol or labeled as "DEG" on the tube. The chemical is used in antifreeze as a solvent and is potentially fatal.

Most toothpaste contains trace amounts of chemicals which are toxic when ingested, and it is not intended to be swallowed.

A homemade version of toothpaste can be made by mixing 3 parts baking soda and 1 part salt with: 3 teaspoons of glycerin, 10-20 drops of flavoring and 1 drop of food coloring.

Don't forget to brush and keep on smiling;)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday's hot guy #2

This Saturday's hot guy is Eric Winters.
Born in July 1976 in LaMiranda California as an only child. He has a psycology degree from UCLA.
Was married to Allison Ford from 2001 to 2005. Is now married to Roselyn Sanchez since November 2008.

Enjoy ladies ! :P

Squeegees and homeless people

It doesn't matter in which part of the world you live, you will always find homeless people. Squeegess I am assuming are only in really urban cities.

For those of you who don't know what a squeegee is, it is a homeless person that stands on the corner of the traffic light and waits for the light to turn red. Once the light is red he harasses you to clean your windows with his squeegee that he has dipped with love it the puddle of not so clean water on the side of the road and expect you to give him a little bit of money. Some of them don't even ask you and just start to wipe your windshield without your approval.
I could say in a way some of them do deserve to get a few coins because they are actually offering a 'service', but yet when it is imposed like that do they really deserve it? Lets compare... I throw myself at a lady on the side of the road and start to do her a pedicure. You think she will let me do it and will pay me? I don't think so. I have more chances of getting a foot up my ass.

Then there is the homeless people that sit on side walks and ask for money. Some of them even have signs : No home, No money, No food, Please help.
Again I can say that can understand that sometimes life and a series of event may have brought you there to this point. But have they really given up or are they just lazy?
There are so many organism out there to help. They provide food, a place to sleep and resources to get you back on track. So why don't they use them?
Yeah I know many of them have drugs and alcohol problems, but yet those same organism will still help you. You don't know how to read or have no education, they will still help you. Anyone who wants to be helped can be helped ans succeed.

All these thing came up to my mind yesterday as I went to the grocery store. A homeless guy was standing in front of the doors and asking the people going in the grocery store for money because he claimed he was hungry. It could be true. But he never asked for food to anyone coming out of the grocery store. So if he was really hungry why didn't he ask for food instead of money? He was at a grocery store after all.
One last thing he is asking for money to eat but is smoking a cigarette. I'm sorry but if you prefer to buy cigarettes with the money I might give you, I believe you can starve, because food is clearly not a priority for you.

So my questions to all of you are:
How do you know when these homeless persons are really sincere and not wanting a few bucks to get high or drunk?
When is it ok to give them?
When do you know that they will really buy food with the money?
What would they say if you offered them a roof , a meal and a job?
Are they really that miserable in their misery?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Yo Hablo espagnol

Oh my God I cant believe it! I am so proud of myself.

Tonight in my Spanish class we had our first real group conversation.
Yeah it was pretty basic stuff, but I did it.
Even if one of the 2 other students was swearing because he was mixing his Spanish with French, English and Italian, it was great!
Now I just cant wait till next class!

Hasta la proxima semana :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


L’amour est une chose précieuse. Ils disent que l’on devrait en prendre soin, la cultiver tout les jours et ne jamais la prendre pour acquis.
On ne comprend pas l’impact de celle-ci jusqu’au jour où on la perd.
Les blessures physiques sont douloureuse, mais les blessures du cœur encore plus.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Drum roll...

My godchild is ...

But wait there also...

Oh my god...

So yes all of the above are true :)
My cousin and his girlfriend are having triplets; a pair of identical twin girls and a boy.
I get to be the godmother of the little boy.

This makes me so happy, so I decided to create a blog for him.
Bébé en bleu

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Getting back in shape

Ok so I have lost complete motivation the past few weeks.
I've also been eating lots of crap, not sleeping well and way too anxious.

I've decided to attack myself and will try to kick my own ass.
As of tomorrow (because today I did an incredibly lazy day) I will try to follow the list:

-Eat at least one fruit a day
-Go to the gym twice a week
-Cream myself every night
-Go for a walk twice a week
-Have only junk on one of the weekends day
-Read one chapter a week of my anxiety book
-Study my spanish harder
-Leave work at work
-Paint my toe nails
-Go back to the nordic spa and get a massage(I'd like once every 2 weeks, but I'll have to talk with my bank account first)
-Keep a food journal for my next doctors appointment
-Spoil my not born yet godchild

Oh shit!!! This list is pretty long and I can think of so many other things I could add.
Let's start by this for a month and see how it goes.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday's hot guy #1

Ladies for your own eye pleasure and mine, I will try to introduce you a new hot guy every Saturday.

So my first Saturday hot guy is Scott Foley. Born in Kansas in July 1972, he is the oldest of 3 brothers. Unfortunately he is not single, he got married to Marika Dominczyk in 2007. This is his second marriage, he first got married to Jennifer Garner in 2000. I feel like and old lady; I just want to squeeze his baby cheeks.

Let's see if I can keep this up for a few Saturday's. Let me know if you enjoy it.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Peanut butter sauce for dummies

I have been craving Peanut butter chicken for months now.

I've looked online for a fool's proof recipe and can not find one.
I need a great recipe 'for dummies'.

Just writing this I am drooling :P
Yeah I could go to a restaurant, but I'd like to be able to do it myself.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Good evening blogger friends.
Tonight I would like to give away my first awards.
I've been living in a negative state of mind lately and and like to put a positive shiny moment to it.

I've never done this before, so don't judge me :)

My first award will go Josie, Becky and Chiquita you three girls are great followers and I just wanted to thank you for being there.
So here is it the Best Followers award for you ladies.

My second award will go to Andhari You are the first blogger that I followed without knowing in person and you opened up the world of blogging to me. Thank you for being so fabulous.
So nothing less than the Fabulous blog award for you girl.

My third and last award for this first giveaway goes to KS for your positivism and smiles you put on my face.
You are a ray of sunshine, keep on blogging girl I love you.
Here is your award the inspiration award.

I love all of you so much and I consider you a part of my day to day life. I cant wait to get home everyday to read you all or to see your wonderful comments on my crappy posts. You all make me so happy.

So how did I do? ;)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Lots have happened and I lost the envy to blog.

-Friday night we went to get my boyfriend's sister at the airport. Then we had a blast doing the dessert sushi, that turn out not looking so good.

-Saturday morning my sister called me saying she was going to see my grandmother, I couldn't I had a full day planned, which made me fell guilty. Then a few hours later I was in a nordic spa with my boyfriend's sister, my best friend and few other girls. This was sooooo relaxing. After that rush to get to the surprise B-day party. It was a success, we made real sushi's and ate the dessert sushi.

-Sunday morning got up and had to fight with the turkey to make it fit in the pan (and it didn't)When shopping for a few last minute things. Got a call from my mom saying that Grandma was in her last couple of hours or days. Couldn't go I had 9 people coming over for thanksgiving, but sure planned to go the next morning. Even if I got some bad news we had a great dinner and there is so much turkey left I will die of a turkey overdose.

-Monday morning, the phone woke me up, grandma had passed. I didn't get the chance to say goodbye. In a way I am happy, the last picture I have of her is her smiling holding a porcupine in her hands and putting flowers I gave her in a vase. Maybe it is better that way. I went with my sister to spend the day with our dad to support him. We had a great day all four of us in the same bed talking about everything. Came back home I was aloud to open two really really early B-day present from my boyfriends family (my birthday is in 6 weeks, went out to dinner and got back home to watch a girly girl movie and went to bed.

-This morning I have another day off work that I had asked for because of the boyfriends sister's visit. I have no clue when the funeral will be and to how many days I can take. I am waiting for HR to call me back. Lets hope this day is a little more relaxing.

So how were your last few days? Give me good news.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Sushi dessert

Tomorrow night I have a birthday dinner with friends and we are making our own sushi. I suggested to the host that we could do dessert sushi and she taught it was a great idea. So here I am tonight with my rice crispies, marshmallows, chocolate and candies diving right into this experiment.

Here are a few pics of what it is suppose to look like once I'll be done.

I'll update the post after this 'experiment' is done and if it doesn't look too bad, I'll post a few pictures of what my sushi dessert looked like.

Looks nothing like it, had a blast doing it and eating half of it while doing it.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Ca fait longtemps que je n'ai pas écrit en francais, mais ce soir suite aux nouvelles recu au téléphone par ma mère, l'envie me reprend.
Souvent lorsque je vis des émotions intense que des mots francais ne me viennent à l'esprit.

Ma grand-mère, on l'appelle Mamie, à fait un ACV. Elle est paralysé d'un coté et ne semble pas vouloir se réveiller. Le médecins a demandé à ma tante de réunir tous les enfants. Ayant déjà travailler dans un hopital et ayant perdu plusieur membre de ma grande famille, je sais ce que ces mots veulent dire.

Ma grand-mère à 91 ans. Elle a été une mère formidable et une épouse soumis à un mari pas très commode. Depuis le décès de celui-ci, elle a changé, a commencé à profiter de la vie et de petit bonheur auxquels elle n'avait pas droit: commander de la pizza, faire des longues distances, manger du chocolat, gater ses enfants, ect.

Elle ne nous a pas quitté encore, mais à son age il faut bien s'y attendre qu'un jour ou l'autre ce moment viendra.

J'attends que le téléphone sonne de nouveau pour les nouvelles de mon père qui se trouve en ce moment à son chevet.

On passe notre vie à attendre nos ailes, si tu as recu les tiennes envole toi, tu les as tant méritées au cours de cette vie.

Je t'aime Grand-maman.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


A few posts ago I wrote about phobias.
I discovered one of mine last night, bedframeophobia.

It's 4:20 am and I am sleeping, my boyfriend gets up to go to the bathroom, since I have a very light sleep I wake up, double check quickly what's going on and go back to sleep. He come's back to bed a few minutes later and I wake up again and hear a cracking noise, but don't really pay attention to it.
Then he turns around in the bed and I hear another cracking noise.

Me: Wake up I think the bed frame is about to break.
Boyfriend: what?
Me: I heard a cracking noise I think the bed frame is about to break.

He gets up and looks under the bed and you can see a few planks of wood hanging from the support of the frame. So he tries to push a few in and then others came out and on and on. He lifted up the mattress and I tried to them all back in order but nothing work. He started to throw things across the bedroom to be able to remove the mattress from the frame, ended up grabbing his drill and stapler (IKEA furniture, some things are screwed in, some are nailed in and some are stapled in) to solidify the whole thing.

He went back to bed, I went to the bathroom, when I came back and laid in bed I heard another cracking noise. I barely slept I was afraid of my boyfriend throwing the bed frame across the bedroom, or the landlord coming up to see what the hell we were doing at this time of night (his bedroom is underneath ours).

This is how I discovered my bedframeophobia.
I just hope it will be a one night phobia, because I sure wish I could go back to bed now.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


I learned it yesterday it is official this spring I will be a godmother :)
I don't know yet if it will be a girl or a boy, but I just cant wait :)
I will know the sex of the baby(ies) on my birthday.
I'm excited :)