Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Lots have happened and I lost the envy to blog.

-Friday night we went to get my boyfriend's sister at the airport. Then we had a blast doing the dessert sushi, that turn out not looking so good.

-Saturday morning my sister called me saying she was going to see my grandmother, I couldn't I had a full day planned, which made me fell guilty. Then a few hours later I was in a nordic spa with my boyfriend's sister, my best friend and few other girls. This was sooooo relaxing. After that rush to get to the surprise B-day party. It was a success, we made real sushi's and ate the dessert sushi.

-Sunday morning got up and had to fight with the turkey to make it fit in the pan (and it didn't)When shopping for a few last minute things. Got a call from my mom saying that Grandma was in her last couple of hours or days. Couldn't go I had 9 people coming over for thanksgiving, but sure planned to go the next morning. Even if I got some bad news we had a great dinner and there is so much turkey left I will die of a turkey overdose.

-Monday morning, the phone woke me up, grandma had passed. I didn't get the chance to say goodbye. In a way I am happy, the last picture I have of her is her smiling holding a porcupine in her hands and putting flowers I gave her in a vase. Maybe it is better that way. I went with my sister to spend the day with our dad to support him. We had a great day all four of us in the same bed talking about everything. Came back home I was aloud to open two really really early B-day present from my boyfriends family (my birthday is in 6 weeks, went out to dinner and got back home to watch a girly girl movie and went to bed.

-This morning I have another day off work that I had asked for because of the boyfriends sister's visit. I have no clue when the funeral will be and to how many days I can take. I am waiting for HR to call me back. Lets hope this day is a little more relaxing.

So how were your last few days? Give me good news.


Andhari said...

I'm sorry for you and your family's loss. Hope as the time passes, it goes easier for everyone. Especially your dad :(

Josie said...

Toutes mes sympathies pour ta grand-mère Caro. Mes sympathies également à tous tes proches...

Pour le congé, tu as droit (selon les Normes du Travail - le minimum) à 1 jour sans salaire. Tu peux voir ici le lien qui explique les différents cas d'absences : http://www.cnt.gouv.qc.ca/conges-et-absences/evenements-familiaux/deces-ou-suicide/index.html

La surprise de samedi était effectivement super bien réussis et les sushis desserts aussi :)

Gros câlins

Anonymous said...

oh dear! sorry to hear about your grandmother.
my last few days were very busy! we had a get-together at my uncle's house to see him for a little before they go away to the treatment center. it was sad to see him but also i'm excited to see how the new cancer treatments will go!
monday was same old-same old at work. but it was kind of funny, a made a phone call to a company i deal with that is based in Canada. and while i was on hold, listening to a recording that was in French, (and not understanding a word!) i thought to myself "i wish i knew someone in Canada"...then i realized that YOU live in Canada! now i know someone from Canada! Yay! thanks for being my new friend in Canada!

carrie1 said...

Thank you for following me! (I'm not preggers! ;) don't jinx me!) =)

I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother. =( Never an easy thing to deal with.

~KS said...

Oh sweet girl... I am so sorry to hear about your grandma :(
I am sending some healing thoughts your way... love you!