Tuesday, October 6, 2009


A few posts ago I wrote about phobias.
I discovered one of mine last night, bedframeophobia.

It's 4:20 am and I am sleeping, my boyfriend gets up to go to the bathroom, since I have a very light sleep I wake up, double check quickly what's going on and go back to sleep. He come's back to bed a few minutes later and I wake up again and hear a cracking noise, but don't really pay attention to it.
Then he turns around in the bed and I hear another cracking noise.

Me: Wake up I think the bed frame is about to break.
Boyfriend: what?
Me: I heard a cracking noise I think the bed frame is about to break.

He gets up and looks under the bed and you can see a few planks of wood hanging from the support of the frame. So he tries to push a few in and then others came out and on and on. He lifted up the mattress and I tried to them all back in order but nothing work. He started to throw things across the bedroom to be able to remove the mattress from the frame, ended up grabbing his drill and stapler (IKEA furniture, some things are screwed in, some are nailed in and some are stapled in) to solidify the whole thing.

He went back to bed, I went to the bathroom, when I came back and laid in bed I heard another cracking noise. I barely slept I was afraid of my boyfriend throwing the bed frame across the bedroom, or the landlord coming up to see what the hell we were doing at this time of night (his bedroom is underneath ours).

This is how I discovered my bedframeophobia.
I just hope it will be a one night phobia, because I sure wish I could go back to bed now.


~KS said...

Oh no.... I have never heard of bedframephobia before but if that happened to me, I would be freaked out too!!! Hope it stopped creaking so you could sleep...

Darren said...

I'll keep adding staples and screws until the squeaking stops, although by that time we may have to call it a franken-bed.