Thursday, October 22, 2009

Yo Hablo espagnol

Oh my God I cant believe it! I am so proud of myself.

Tonight in my Spanish class we had our first real group conversation.
Yeah it was pretty basic stuff, but I did it.
Even if one of the 2 other students was swearing because he was mixing his Spanish with French, English and Italian, it was great!
Now I just cant wait till next class!

Hasta la proxima semana :)


Andhari said...

Hottt! I like spanish language, very sexy! I'm learning but so far I just know bad words though!

Josie said...

Félicitations! C'est tellement encourageant quand on commence à se débrouiller :)

Kim said...

Good Job honey!! Keep it up!! :)

Gracie said...

Well done! I learnt Spanish for a semester at uni and it was great fun.