Friday, October 30, 2009

My wedding

Ever since I saw the movie The Crow when I was in High school, I knew I wanted to get married on Halloween. The next Halloween where I could be old enough, in love and on a Saturday would be Halloween 2009, which is tomorrow.

Eric Draven and Shelly Webster were my inspiration for a long time when it came to love and in a way a part of me still envy's them.

When I pictured it, It was always indoors. I could see the pathway to the church and the isle down to the alter covered in leaves.

The wedding would of been in the dark with only candles held by the guest to light the church up.

The flowers that I would of held would of been full of bright colors.

I never taught about the dress, but this one inspires me happiness.

The at the reception the place cards would have been held by pumpkins.

And the dance floor would of been lighten by lanterns.

I dreamed and dreamed about this wedding for years, but never found Mr Right. Then I slowly started to let go of this dream wedding of mine. It then turn into a more fall-funny-hallloween wedding.

Simple wedding, with all guest costumed and also the bride and groom.

With a funky cake.

Now all these pictures a are just borrowed ideas from others, I still have a crystal clear picture in my head of what both wedding would have looked like.

Tomorrow will be the day, the day of my wedding and I will not be getting married.
I am in a relationship right now but we are far from getting married.
I still believe that getting married on Halloween would have been awesome, but it will still be awesome no matter when or where it is as long as we are ready and in love.

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Andhari said...

Aw dearrr, I'm sure this will happen to you. Maybe next year, maybe two years from now? Wedding is a very important event in a girl's life, if you have your own vision about it then make it come true :) I think it's a splendid idea to get married on halloween :)