Saturday, October 24, 2009

Squeegees and homeless people

It doesn't matter in which part of the world you live, you will always find homeless people. Squeegess I am assuming are only in really urban cities.

For those of you who don't know what a squeegee is, it is a homeless person that stands on the corner of the traffic light and waits for the light to turn red. Once the light is red he harasses you to clean your windows with his squeegee that he has dipped with love it the puddle of not so clean water on the side of the road and expect you to give him a little bit of money. Some of them don't even ask you and just start to wipe your windshield without your approval.
I could say in a way some of them do deserve to get a few coins because they are actually offering a 'service', but yet when it is imposed like that do they really deserve it? Lets compare... I throw myself at a lady on the side of the road and start to do her a pedicure. You think she will let me do it and will pay me? I don't think so. I have more chances of getting a foot up my ass.

Then there is the homeless people that sit on side walks and ask for money. Some of them even have signs : No home, No money, No food, Please help.
Again I can say that can understand that sometimes life and a series of event may have brought you there to this point. But have they really given up or are they just lazy?
There are so many organism out there to help. They provide food, a place to sleep and resources to get you back on track. So why don't they use them?
Yeah I know many of them have drugs and alcohol problems, but yet those same organism will still help you. You don't know how to read or have no education, they will still help you. Anyone who wants to be helped can be helped ans succeed.

All these thing came up to my mind yesterday as I went to the grocery store. A homeless guy was standing in front of the doors and asking the people going in the grocery store for money because he claimed he was hungry. It could be true. But he never asked for food to anyone coming out of the grocery store. So if he was really hungry why didn't he ask for food instead of money? He was at a grocery store after all.
One last thing he is asking for money to eat but is smoking a cigarette. I'm sorry but if you prefer to buy cigarettes with the money I might give you, I believe you can starve, because food is clearly not a priority for you.

So my questions to all of you are:
How do you know when these homeless persons are really sincere and not wanting a few bucks to get high or drunk?
When is it ok to give them?
When do you know that they will really buy food with the money?
What would they say if you offered them a roof , a meal and a job?
Are they really that miserable in their misery?


Kim said...

for some of the homeless people downtown it's a business they have a system...they all have their corners and no one else can stand there...kind of like a hobbo hiearchy...they make a lot of money some of them so why go to work when they can make money sitting around all day doing nothing! My sister usualy talks to ones that she sees often and will sometimes give them food instead of money so she at least knows they will eat instead of buy drugs or booze!

Anonymous said...

I've really only had bad experiences with homeless people or people asking for money when you're stopped at a traffic light. I usually, as a rule, don't give to them...but I do give money every year to a local shelter. I feel like that is a way to help AND know that it will be used for good! I know that there are good programs out there for people who are down on their luck. I've never been in a situation like that so I don't really know, but I would think it would be simple to get help at a local church or outreach program, if the person was really willing to change and do what it takes... I don't know. Maybe not.

does this make sense or help you?