Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Blog world

Lately it is getting quieter and quieter in the blog world.
There even is some people who say it openly that they are leaving.

I think I am there.
Lately I realized that coming here to write is asking me to do an effort, when I used to do it in the past, I needed to write and had fun with it.

I think that for me it is the end.

I will keep on reading your blogs, I will not abandon you, as I've attach myself to so many of you.

Caro xxx


Venassa said...

Aw that makes me sad but do what you need to do. No point in blogging if it feels like a chore.

Melissa said...

I'll be sad too but if it's become too much work to keep up then may be for the best. We can keep in touch through email and snail mail though!

Chana said...

you're done!? Sad face.

I'm definitely feeling the quiet of the blog world. From myself especially. I don't know what it is...

Find me on facebook! For reals.

Hope you're doing well.