Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kindergarten memories

25 years ago I was in kindergarten in Nova Scotia.
I have a few memories, here they are:

-I was living in Dartmouth at the time and had to drive one hour on the bus sitting three by seats as kindergarten to grade 13 drove on the same bus.
-In winter there was always a kid that puked on the bus.
-The school was on a military base.
-There was rats in the school yard (huge rats)
-In my class room we had a giant dog with a yellow fisherman's hat that had the date on his belly.
-Every morning we sang the national anthem.
-There was a convenience store that sold cinnamon flavored toothpick in pack of 10.
-A boy stuck his tongue on a metal post, it froze there and he pulled it off(ewwww)
-I had twins in my class that ate chalk.
-We did little Christmas stockings and hung them over a fake fire place we had in the class room.
-We got shots for chicken pox and they gave us lollipops.
-We were not aloud to talk English on the playground as it was a french school.

So do you guys have any souvenirs of your first year of school?

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