Friday, August 28, 2009

Saying goodbye

Last night I had to say goodbye to my best friend.
I spent the afternoon and evening with her packing boxes and gigling about stuff.

Then around 11h30, my boyfriend called to know when I was coming all hit me, the time was there I had to leave and say goodbye.
Even before I hung up tears were rolling down my cheeks.
Then she saw me, I could not hold myself anymore.
Rivers went down my cheeks, lower lip just started to shake like crazy.
I was like a 5 year old, heart broken that my best friend was moving away.
I cried all the way home and cried myself to sleep.

This morning I look terrible and I still have tears coming up to my eyes.
I am very happy that she is following her dreams, I just wish they were a little closer.

I love you Dom xxx

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Andhari said...

I'm really sorry, it's hard when your best friend moves away. It happened to me a bunch of times as well so the tears are usually repeated. Just make sure you keep in touch and maybe visit one another in the future :)