Sunday, May 29, 2011


How much do you trust your blogger friends?

I know I have met some of you, others I have been in contact through mail and other with whom I exchange on blogger regularly. I don't know why as of lately I have been in a fearfulness when it comes to virtual friendships.

I did drive a blog friend to the hospital this week without ever seeing him before, and once I got to his place I told myself I was stupid for going to a strangers house. I did, chickenly of me, have a knife in my purse, but God knows I would never be able to hurt anyone. I guess I beleive that people all have some good within them.

I have had no bad experiences with meeting blog people and haven't heard any horror stories aside from movies.

I've had a blogger friend from the US come over for a few days.
I've sent my sister to meet another blogger friend of mine in another province.
I exchange about twice a year parcels with another friend.
And I do write with some of you across the world.

So why this fear all of a sudden?


P said...

I think it's total natural to be a bit paranoid in this day and age, even when you HAVE met people from online in the past. Even if nothing has happened to you, you still hear horror stories and this is naturally going to make you a bit doubtful at times. I think it's HEALTHY to be a bit on your guard when it comes to any sort of internet related friendship or relationship.

Edgar Jean said...

Trust your feelings.

Melissa said...

I think being a little bit nervous/scared is completely normal. On one hand, you have to think about your safety and realize that some people aren't trustworthy - but you always have to enjoy your life and take some risk, but I would say always go with what you gut tells you.

Mrs. Tuna said...

I guess I'm pretty open. As long as it were a public place and no one asks for my credit card number I good to go.

bmentz said...

in cases like these i usually say: God gave you a brain, use it!
lol, just means...don't overthink things and don't be ignorant:-)

bmentz said...

p.s. i'm glad we're friends:-) and that we found each other!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I've never had a fear of meeting blogger friends but I think I'm a pretty trusting person. For me I trust people until they give me a reason not to and then it's VERY hard to win my trust back.