Friday, May 20, 2011

TV world

In the past months I watched so much TV, I wonder why my eyes haven't popped out.

I was addicted to so many shows (Days of our lives, Dr.Phil, Amazing race, The listener, American Idol, House, Big Bang Theory, Say yes to the dress, Oprah, Grey's Anatomy, The voice, ect...)

Most of these shows are coming to an end or have ended in the past few days. I am trying (against my will) not start a new set of shows. Imagine if I had cable, I wouldn't be able to pull myself into bed (unless I brought the tv with me)

I love love love Scotty from American Idol, he made me fall in love with country music all over again. I hope he wins next week.

And the finale from Grey's anatomy last night, WOW!

Penny in bed with Rajesh???

Next week is Oprah's last show, makes me sad a little bit, she is amazing.

Am I the only one that watches that much TV?


Annie said...

Well most of the time I watch tv is Discovery Kids with my girls and when they are sleeping I see like one or two hours with my husband, you know real programs no cartoons,haha.

Melissa said...

I have a few shows that I always watch, and I try to keep up as much as I can. I have the problem too where I don't want to start watching any other shows, because I'm afraid I would do nothing but watch TV!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Most of my shows are coming to end but new shows (The Bachelorette, True Blood, etc.) are starting up lol. I'm doomed either way.

bmentz said...

nope, i'm addicted too! and i do take my computer to bed with me and catch up on shows i missed via :-) i'm a nerd:-)