Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bad karma

Is it just me that has a bad karma when I move into a new place?

Last year when I moved, they started road work 2 weeks after I was in.

This year, I got the surprise coming home last night. All the little orange signs saying I cant f***g park till the end of August.(BTW I just paid a parking permit to be able to park) But wait that's not all, this morning at 6:20 they actually started to break down the concrete underneath my bedroom window.

Man I love the city, but I sure wish I was in the country this morning waking up to the sounds of birds.


Melissa said...

Ugh, I hate when they do construction right outside your apartment, that is one of the things that bug me about city living too!

PS: New background? I like it!

carrie1 said...

Just think... they will be done with it soon.. and at least you don't have a kid down stairs that cries and runs around early in the morning!! =)

Edgar Jean said...

Little orange signs. Damn City!

bmentz said...

come visit me!!! stupid construction....i deal with it everyday on the way to work...
hopefully it won't be too long!