Saturday, June 25, 2011

Big day

Today was a big day for me.

My sister left for New-Brunswick with all her life packed in a U-haul. 10 hours later she was calling me to tell me she had arrived to her new home.

I cried all day. I miss her already so much. I know that the emotions will calm down and that soon I will get use to her being so far away, but I hate the 'getting use to it' part.

I'm still crying as I am writing this post, but I tonight I will rest without worries as I know my super blog-friend Melissa went to check on her and told me she was ok. Thank you again my friend.

This was to me a good reminder to cherish every moment in life.


Annie said...


Melissa said...

It'll be OK. :) {Hugs}

~KS said...

Life has a funny of way of putting us right where we need to be... stay strong.

Venassa said...

People moving is always tough. Hope it gets easier on you.

bmentz said...

:-( hope you get to see her soon!