Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cancer insurance

Today I received a phone call from my bank's insurance company.
They were offering me an insurance for woman's cancers.

You pay an amount each month, if in 20 years you are still cancer free they reimburse you.
You also will get a certain amount extra.

If you get cancer they will give you 1000$ a month, 200$ extra if you are in the hospital.
If you die, your beneficary gets your reimbursment and 50 000$.

No medical examen is requiered to be admissable.
In the first 6 months you cant be diagnosed.

For about 20$ a month, would you take it?

1 comment:

Josie said...

J'pense que pour 20$/ mois j'prendrais une assurance vie/invalidité plus complète que juste pour le cancer...

Mais si tu penses que ça vaut la peine, n'arrête jamais! Sinon, c'est là qu'ils gagnent.