Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday's hot guy #25

This weeks guy is a special request from my blog girl Becky at Dreams and schemes

Her guy is Mark Valley. Born in 1964 in Ogdensburg, New York.
He is married to married Anna Torv and has a daughter from a previous relationship.

Anyone else has a request for a Saturday's hot guy?


Little Miss Tiara said...

My dearest hubby baby Milo Ventimiglia s'il vous plait ;)

and I'm back! Ohmygod! You don't know how much I missed commenting on blogger! In case you didn't notice, I disappeared, blogger was blocked, but now it's back (for good I hope *fingers crossed*) :D

Becky said...

I freaking love you caro! this made my day! Muah!!


What a hunk.. ahhem... Great post.

Genybou said...

What a cutie :-)

Sam said...

mm he is such a manly man. love it!