Thursday, May 13, 2010

Proud and embarrassed

Last night my team won, the team of my Girly girl crush.

I am so proud...but

Some of the fans are so stupid I cant even start with this how angry it makes me.
Each year if our team gets a little but far in the Stanley cup playoffs there are idiots that take advantage of the moment to break store windows, burn cars and steal stuff. Why the hell want to get arrested while showing off your team colors.

The worst part of this it aint over, our team is still winning, this means there will be more of this...

What an embarrassment!


Ren du Braque said...

Je parle avec un québecois de St. George et lui, il est très modeste. Je ne dis pas que tu as tort. Les idiots sont partout, mais il y a beaucoup de fans québecois corrects. En fait, ton billet montre que vous autres québecois existez.

Courage et bonne chance.

Anonymous said...

It's a very small minority that ruins the party. And most of the times, aren't even hockey fans.

Annie said...

That's so sad. I agree with redbee2, sometimes they aren't fans