Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Big Brother 11

This year it is the 11th season. I think I’ve watched all seasons expect 2 or 3.

This year the twist is that all house guests are divided in 4 groups as it used to be in high school.
The popular, the brains, the Athletes and the out cast. What ever group hold the HOH, all group is safe for that week.
For the first HOH Jessie for an old BB won the right to come back into the house and play the game.
The athletes are now in charge. First nominations are Lydia and Sheena.
Please someone make Sheena go away, she is so annoying.

Then POV was up for grabs and Lydia got saved, nominations are now Sheena and Russell.
Not looking good for the Brains.

Let’s wait to see who is going home Thursday night.

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