Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I had a conversation at work yesterday about guys that cheat.
I was surprised to see in the group of only women that we were, all from different ages, back round, nationalities, so mother, some married that opinion were so different.
Some women actually believe that to a point in your relationship, you have to accept if your man cheats. That when you grow up, there is a point when you have to accept certain things and let go.
Some said that as long as your man doesn't beat you up, never comes home drunk and that he always comes home every night, you should not complain even if he cheats once in a while.
I don't know if it is me that is not open, or if I am too much old fashion, but I am sorry I do not share my guy.
Some girls said that if the guy cheats, you have to forgive. I have a real hard time with that.
I have not been in their shoes and I guess all situations are different, but cheating is still cheating to me.

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Josie said...

Je n'ai jamais vécu cette situation et je ne sais pas comment je réagirais. Chaque personne et chaque situation est unique.
Mais je ne suis absolument pas d'accord de partager mon homme dans mon dos!!! C'est pas tant de tromper que de mentir.

As long as he have sex and smile at home, why would he cheating?