Tuesday, June 22, 2010


My emotions, good or bad, control my life completely.

I have no control over them and I live them physically. Today was a great day filled with emotions, emotions so strong that I actually started to feel ill. It was not the first time and I know it wont be the last one either.

I don't mind living my emotions, and I know life is filled with up's and down's, but what ever way it goes I always end up feeling ill. I know it is all in my head.

I know I've talked about this before and if you follow you also know that I am getting help, but I just felt the need to write about it. I know being an emotional person is part of who I am and no matter how hard I try to change that it will not go away, so I will not try to change who I am but I want to change the way I see things. I want to live my emotions to their fullest and feel perfectly fine physically.

Do you have any tricks to control emotional peaks (good or bad) when they happen?


Lil Landy said...

Live for today! Don't stress about what's already happened, learn from it and move forward... Don't stress about tomorrow, b/c it's not promised! Find one thing EACH day that makes you happy and do it!
It's about choice!

Andhari said...

I love what the comment above said.

What happened, pretty girl? I hope everything's alright :(

Annie said...

I agree with Lil Landy.

Hope everything is fine, hugs!!

L'impulsive montréalaise said...

J'ai toujours été quelqu'un assez près de ses émotions. Et avant, ça me faisait chier. Maintenant, beaucoup moins. Le truc, je crois, c'est de ne pas se battre contre elles. L'acceptation complète de qui tu es. Qu'il y a parfois des phases vraiment tristes et d'autres vraiment joyeuses. Depuis que je ne me bats plus, que j'accepte, c'est mieux. Tu sais comment faire si tu veux me jaser ! Prends soin de toi.

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I have no advice but I'll be reading the advice that you get! I know how you feel hon.

P said...

The one thing I always find when I'm at the sad/depressed end of the scale is just to let go and cry it out. I honestly find once I've done that, I feel so much better. It helps me to move on a bit . . . until next time anyway!