Sunday, June 20, 2010

Storm chasers

On my way to my parents place today the weather was kind of indecisive.
I was sunny and hot, but you could see certain big black could far away.So there I was driving on the highway wind in my hair, music cranked up and all was good. Until this weird black truck passed me.

When it got to my level I saw on the side of the truck: Storm chasers association. Instantly I looked back up at the clouds. They were still there and black. The truck slowed down, I then got a bit concerned as I am scared shitless of thunder showers. In a fraction of a second the rain was pouring down on me and I could barely see the road in front of me; when I looked into my rear-view mirror the truck had taken an exit and stopped.

There we were me and my paranoia on the highway thinking this is it, if the storm chaser did not pursue his road this mean I am going strait into hell. I am going to experience the worst storm of my life, yet maybe even a tornado. My heart was racing like hell, I had trouble swallowing and my knees were weak...until I realized the rain had stopped and the sun was back.

It was just a big bad cloud, but as I continue my road I kept on looking in my rear-view mirror and wondered why did the storm chaser stop and what was he expecting to see?

I had never seen a storm chaser, besides from in movies and honestly I got scared a little, because usually in movies if you see them something bad always happened. Maybe I've watched too many 'weather' movies.

Have you ever seen a storm chaser? Does it make you wonder why they are around?


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Wow. I think I would have been in a panic myself if I were in that situation. So what happened? How long were on you on that stormy road?

Gracie said...

I've never seen a storm chaser. Only in movies of course. But yeh that would have freaked me out for sure. x

Edgar Jean said...

You're lucky to have seen them chasing around, thunderstorms are beautiful beasts!