Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday September 26th Update


This week didn't start off too good, but it did finish on a happier note.

Monday I was in panic mode all day just thinking about my phone psychiatric evaluation the next day.

Then Tuesday came and the lady called earlier than expected; we spoke for almost an hour, and then she gave my appointment for the official psychiatric evaluation at the hospital, that thank goodness it was on Friday. I was so tired of waiting and telling my story I was afraid I would have to wait another month. I was relieved and had a great day.

Wednesday the stress caught up to me and I slept in really late. My best friend came to see me in the evening. I love her so much.

Thursday was a good day. I went to see my shrink after dinner, he is always very helpful and helps me a lot to change my way of thinking. Then I went to the grocery store and saw this very cute guy in a wheelchair. It is actually the third time I see him. I wonder if he is single. How do you start a conversation with a cute guy in a grocery store?

Friday morning was my evaluation. They were 2 asking me questions. I was a bit disappointed when I got out because I had a feeling I didn't tell them everything I wanted, but we were in there for almost 2 hours. At the end of the appointment the main psychiatrist told me that on Monday I would get a call from a gentleman to start treatment/therapy. So I don't have to wait another month again. I am so grateful. I cant wait to get that call. That night I did have another panic attack. I feel very alone in this and I am scared.

Saturday had a slow start, but by dinner my friend B asked me if I wanted to hang out. I went over at his place and we went for a walk because it was so nice outside. Then he offered me to go for a motorcycle ride. I got so excited I almost had a panic attack on the spot. I had not gone for a ride in over 2 years. It was amazing, my face was in pain after smiling so much. A rush of good emotions.

Today was the christening of my godson. He was so handsome in his white tuxedo. The entire day was a success and it was a special moment to spend with most of my family. Lots of gifts, food and love.

I ate fairly well this week; I am proud of myself.
I gave myself a photo project to do and filled up 2 photo albums.
I also started to read your blogs again, which I think I missed more than I taught.
Maybe I'll start blogging again more than once a week.

I cant wait to tell you about my treatment/therapy and if I see the grocery store guy again.

Have a great week.



Bossy Betty said...

Thanks for the update! Sending you lots of good wishes! I would love to see more posts from you!

Just Add Walter said...

thinking of you sweet Caro and wishing you the best!

Melly said...

I look forward to your weekly updates!

I hope today went well for you, you'll have to let us know. :)

Andhari said...

Love the updates, Caro.

Maybe you should strike a conversation with this cute guy next time you're in grocery store. Try to grab stuff near him :)

Pammy Ponders @ Reflectorville said...

you take care and keep up all thes positive steps.