Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Da Vinci Code

Yesterday I watched The Da Vinci Code again (I am a Tom Hanks fan)
But my way of looking and understanding the movie was different this time for me.

I am having lots of question about God and Jesus and our history.
I don't know what I exactly believe in and where stands my faith.
Maybe I am thinking way too much these days or maybe it's actually something inside of me, a strength that is slowly coming out to help me go through life.

What if it could be true that Mary Magdalene was married to Jesus and carrying his child?
How could our world and visions change?
What did you think about the movie?


Josie said...

I didn't saw the movie. But I think everything is possible; we will not have any answer, never. So we must beleive what is good for ourselve.

Melly said...

I liked The DaVinci code and thought it was a good movie. I have been having these same feelings about religion. It's why I started this: So far I only have more questions!

Ren said...

Si on lit la bible, selon les dires des personnes qui le font, les évangiles de Paul, Mathieu, Pierre, et Jean sont tous contradictoires. L'existence des autres évangiles comme Thomas et Judas contredit l'interprétation de l'histoire de Jésus de beaucoup de croyants. Ce qui est important n'est pas les détails vérifiés de l'histoire, mais de leur signifiance. Est-ce que la relation entre Mary M et Jésus change l'interprétation de l'histoire de la naissance de Jésus ou de sa mort ?

"We must believe what is good for ourselves" je suis à peu près d'accord, mais je dirais que le chemin de la sagesse nous mènerait lentement au bonheur. Tous les deux nous font du bien, mais quelquefois la sagesse, c'est triste aussi.

Moi, je suis athée, mais je suis toujours à l'écoute. J'ai même lu quelques articles sur Dan Brown... Je doute qu'il mérite l'attention que l'on lui prête.

~KS said...

I love the movie... and Tom Hanks. I think questioning your faith is a good thing. I always find that questions are confusing and unsettling at first... but usually, they just make me stronger in the end. And somethings we will never have answers for. But believing anyway, that's faith.