Monday, October 18, 2010


**FYI you might not like this post if you have or love kids.**

Did I ever tell you guys about my lovely neighbors from downstairs?
It is a family of 4. Husband, wife, 8 years old little girl and 3 years old little girl. They are also my landlords. I signed a nice lease of 14 months and I have been here for 6 months. And all I want to do is kill the 3 years old.

First you need to know that there is absolutely no insonorisation in this building.
I can hear them peeing, brushing there teeth, I can tell when there are crumbs on the sofa and what type of wood they want to use for the new stairs.

So this 3 year old rules this family like crazy. She yells and cries all the time until she gets what she wants (I figured) One day, she went on for over 2 hours strait. The parents never say a word, never yell or send her to her room. They just let her go at it until it pushes me to find a plan on how to get ride of her tiny little body.

She (I believe) has the need to be loud. She runs up and down the hallway, rides her BigWheel into the front door 17 times in a row. (btw there door and my door are not sound proof either) Every morning she yells because her sister leave. She yells and cries if her mom doesn't have her in her arm while putting clothes on the clothes line. She just yells and cry all the time like her legs would be ripped from her body or like her nails would be pulled one by one with vise grips.

I watch movie in bed with my laptop on my knees and she cries louder than my movie.
Sometimes I scream as if I was on the phone talking to someone and yell shut up, but it doesn't work and her parents must think I am crazy.
Sometimes I put my ipod on (maximum volume) and start vacuuming and dropping things on the floor intentionally for them to get the message that they are not alone in this building. But she still goes at it. They don't realize it.

Oh and I've talk with the mom. She is a stay at home mom and she will not send her baby girl ( annoying little creature) to daycare before she starts school, so she is going to be there every day all day for a couple of more years.

I have to stay here 8 more months. I'll never be able to do it. And here in Quebec it isn't that easy to brake a lease or to move/find a new place when it isn't July 1st and I am far from having enough money to hire movers.

Sometimes I wish I would of stayed with D. Things were not working out for us as a couple but at least he wasn't yelling at 7 am and riding his bike into the front door.

Now I am making up plans in my mind that I don't really like and they all end up with one less kid and me in jail, so do you have any suggestions before it is too late?


Venassa said...

Sounds like a really rotten situation. Hopefully you can find some sort of solution that isn't murder. But I can understand where you're coming from.

Ren said...

Hurler comme on est à l'appareil est inutile. Si la mère peut ignorer le petit monstre, elle n'a aucune problème d'ignorer les sons dans les autres appartements. Est-ce que tu peux demander le propriétaire d'installer un peu d'insonorisation ? Courage.

Pia said...

Oh neighbors...I totall know where you're coming from. The neighbors in my old apartment were horrible! There weren't any little kids, but mother and daughter (the daughter was about 20). They fought every day, mostly at night. I hated them so bad. The walls were so thin, I could hear them pee.
I am so glad I no longer live there!

Your neighbors must know that their daughter is incredibly loud. Can't you talk to them again? Say that it is unbearable for you to live there any longer, that you need your peace?? Maybe they'll let you out of your lease??

I really hope you'll find a solution soon!

Bossy Betty said...

Remain calm.



A smoothie with lots of Nyquil in it for the little one.

Anonymous said...

I don't envy your situation. I think I'd be envisioning ways to dispose of a body too!

What if you tried to find someone to to finish out your lease at your apartment so that you can move?

carrie1 said...

Ha ha ha .... I'm not laughing because you want to murder her.. I am laughing because I totally understand it because I heard it first hand. =) Although she wasn't that bad when I was visiting. All I heard was the running back and forth. =)

And sister... from what I saw on July 1st... you better start saving your pennies now.. and call to reserve a truck ASAP! What about your sisters place?? Do her wonderful landlords have an open apartment?

Aluzion said...

Tenets have just as many rights as the landlord. In reality they actually have more rights.

You should file a noise complaint against the landlord as often and as necessary as possible. Eventually you'll have the right to break your lease after a certain amount of complaints, or they'll eventually take the hint and STFU.

I'd call the government services hotline and speak to them about the situation. They'll know exactly what to do.

Anonymous said...

yikes...from someone who is not good at confrontation - i think the best thing to do is talk to them about it.

easier said than done :-)

Anonymous said...
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