Friday, October 22, 2010

The kid in you

As we grow up we want to become adults and know nothing at all of what comes with it. Then later most of us let go of the kid in us and go on living our adult life and forget how fascinating life's little things can be. We are now grown ups with responsibilities that sometimes we have trouble accepting or dealing with.

Every week I learn a little bit more about myself through therapy. This week I learned that in some areas of my life I stayed a kid. It was hard to take in as blindly I thought everyone was like me. Some of it is good and keeps me young at heart, but some of it made me fragile and naive in this world of adults.

Being a kid was so easy.

Here are some things about me that never grew up that are not negative:
I still want to trick-or-treat.
I keep a stuffed animal on my bed.
I count the presents under the Christmas tree.
I have to sleep with the closet door close, because it give me nightmares.
I cant resist jumping into puddles of water when I see them.

What does the kid in you do?


Venassa said...

Ohh I trick or treated up until the year I was 18. The next year I had no one to go with and was soo painful for me not to go. To this day I still try to plot out ways to find someone to go with me, and I would.

You make me want to travel to where you live so we can do it together! haha.

I can't resist stepping on dried out leaves on the sidewalk.

Bossy Betty said...

I just spent time with my five year old niece and had SO MUCH fun! Really put me in touch with my inner kid!

~KS said...

Most of my life is still lived like I'm a kid... I think it's best that way!

Ren said...

En fait, c'est très difficile, mais nécessaire de devenir adulte. L'enfant en moi, l'enfant que je ne veux pas lâcher, pardonne, est heureux, sourit, est bon et honnête.