Sunday, July 3, 2011

15 years later

Last night was my high school reunion. We had one for 5 years, 10years and now 15 years.
I wont tell you all about the evening but I will tell you one thing (Kristen I was thinking about you the entire time).

A guy that was there, I remembered him, but never saw him like I did last night.
He gave me the Edward from Twilight feeling. Goose bumps all around. He had pale skin and barely interacted with others, but he was so hot.

I don't know why I hadn't noticed him all these years before, but wow I cant stop thinking about him. We spoke for a while, but he has a girlfriend and a kid and he is such a romantic and in love man. Lucky girl!

Maybe for the 20 years we'll both be single lol


Bossy Betty said...

Glad you made such a connection!

Gracie said...

Its a shame he has a girlfriend. Who knows one day :)