Sunday, July 31, 2011


On Friday my sister slept over at my place (YAY).
We had a conversation that I think about every once in a while.

I beleive that we have found the cures for cancer and AIDS, but that the pharmaceutical company's a forbidden to release them.

Imagine the world just one moment without cancer. I believe that our days every one out of two person dies from a type of cancer. If we had a cure the world would all of a sudden be over crowded, no? Yes we would be happy that our loved ones would still be alive, but the world would maybe be a little chaotic. And of course all those pharmaceutical company they make so much money with chemotherapy and radiotherapy and all, they would loose way too much money if they just sold the cure.

And the the cure for AIDS. Lets just take Africa, a continent where most kids are born with the disease and die of it. Lets says the cure was releases. Yeah it is a poor continent, but they never get the chance to live past their 20's. How do you want theses countries to get education and make the economy move. I beleive this cure would save live, without bringing so much chaos.

Yes in both situation at the beginning it would be hard, but I see past all of that.
I see a world with less misery and so much happiness.


Annie said...

We never know and maybe one day they found the cure.

Gracie said...

That is an interesting thought. I do hope the cure has been found. That would be wonderful.

By the way I would go to Canada if I went to the US :)