Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I need to find a way to unwind, decompress.

When you guys get home from work what do you do?
Hot shower? Glass of Wine? Video games? Go for a run?

I'm clueless on what to try as what I have tried so far doesn't seem to calm my brain down at all.


Venassa said...

I get home from work after midnight, so I usually have a snack then watch tv in bed. I'm not sure what people with normal work schedules do though.

P said...

A glass of wine CAN calm me down, but then i don't want to be reliant on that, especially as after i have one glass I tend to want more.

I think about this a lot. I was thinking recently about re-learning how to knit. I think that would relax AND focus me a bit. I always seem to have one eye on the internet, regardless of what I'm doing. it would be harder for me to do that if i could knit. I could catch up on all the tv I get distracted from!

Melissa said...

For me, watching some (TV or movie) can help, as can reading. Going for a walk is nice too!

bmentz said...

i like to grab some dinner and unwind in front of the tv... probably should go running though :-)