Friday, July 15, 2011


I've been thinking of getting a four legged furry roommate for a little while now.
So tonight I went to the SPCA to go see if I would fall in love with one.
And I did, with more than one; they are all just so cute when they are babies.

But they charge 175$ for a kitten. This amount includes the kitten, the sterilization, health care if needed for a month, the first vaccine and a bag of food.

I dont know if I ready to pay that amount to rescue an animal. Am I selfish? I dont think so, but it got me thinking. So I left without a roommate (anyway the place was closing) and now I have to make a decision.

I know there's always going to be some roommates-to-be over there so I can take my time to make up my mind, but I am feeling kind of lonely and I am not ready to let a man in my life.


Christina said...

Getting Logan was the best thing we ever did. You have to be ready for it (less traveling, $$$ but only every once in a while) bu is so rewarding. I love that dog more than most people

Annie said...

Ohhhh, so cute!!!!!!!

Melissa said...

Would it be cheaper to get an adult cat? The adults tend to not get adopted as much too! But kittens are soooo cute.

Kimmy said...

J'ai deux amies qui cherche des famille pour des chatons que eux ils on sauver! les deux amies les donne gratui!

LOIS said...

awwwww cute cat!
Love Lois xxx