Wednesday, September 28, 2011

3 weeks later

This afternoon I went to therapy. The last time we mutually agreed that we where to space out each appointment to every 3 weeks. SO since then my hamster has done a lot of running.

Where there a lot of changes? I dont think so.
But with the medication, I feel that I same not the same.
Yes, I am still myself, but up to this appointment I though I had lost contact with my emotions, that I was completely detached and insensitive. That no positive or negative emotions reached me. Well turns out I was wrong, that it is the voltage / intensity of my emotions that is starting to regulate itself.

Is this was it feels like to be ok / normal? I have no clue.
I also have to learn and to accept that it is normal to be scared that things are doing well when you have been used to them being bad all the time.

I have only two appointments left before the end of this therapy and before I start the second one. I am excited because this second one is the one that will affect and help me the most according to the psychologist and psychiatrist.

To be continued...

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