Saturday, September 24, 2011

My vacation / September

Here is a recap of my vacations:

Saturday I went to my parents house, my sister was supposed to be there for dinner, but she had car trouble. So Iwent on my own and steamed by myself against my mother. I dont remember the last time I saw her without wanting to shake her. Asides from that I introduced my dad to Facebook.

Sunday quiet day at home and a walk to enjoy the nice weather.

Monday I went to the dealership with my car to make some recalls done by the company and I read the entire evening.

Tuesday early in the morning my dad came to help me paint my kitchen and we went out for lunch (he emptied a part of his heart about my mom). In the evening did a bit of shopping.

Wednesday ( went to see a friend quickly and then to my doctors appointment and spent the entire day/evening with my godson.

ThursdayI went shopping, again, with a friend and then dinner with her. Spent the rest of the evening watching the beginning of a few series that I follow on TV.

Friday I went grocery shopping and at night I had a bunch of girls over for a clothes exchange.

Saturday I went to support a friend that was auditioning for the TV show Canada's got talent. Saw a terrorist in the subway. I ended the night talking to my sister on the phone. It's crazy how I miss her.

Today I went grocery shopping for my lunches, and read in the park near my house all while watching the firemen put out a fire in a trashcan. Tonight I made a bit of laundry and went to a friends house to drop of some clothes form the exchange and here I am. And you guys what have you been up to?


Bossy Betty said...

Sounds like a busy life! I'll take it over mine right now....

I especially liked the part about reading for hours!

Melissa said...

Sorry you have trouble with your Mom. Never good to have a family member that you clash with. :(