Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fishing trip

Each year for the past 4 years, I take my dad fishing.
It's the only trip he ever takes and he love it.
He turns into this little kid.
More than a week before we leave, he starts to get ready.
This year is the first time we rent a cabin.
It was gorgeous and we had the best weather possible.
On the down side, not that many fish.
In 3 days only one rainbow trout and nothing else.
But my dad's smile was all worth it.
Next year we are going back an entire week.


Venassa said...

Aw that's sweet. I'm glad you guys can have that time together and that he enjoys it so much.

Annie said...

Sounds like both of you had a great time.

Have a nice week.

Gracie said...

I think that's lovely. It's great that it makes your dad smile :)

And thank you for the card you sent :) It was so thoughtful.

Melissa said...

Sounds like a great trip and such a lovely tradition. xo

bmentz said...

ooh! i love fishing with my dad. do you take the fish off the line by yourself? i could never manage that:-)
that's what dads are for!