Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gym music

Tonight I had a doctors appointment and he told me I could go back to the gym, but to take it easy.

I have to charge up my ipod with gym music that kicks ass.
I heard lots of good songs with a good beat on the radio the past year but don't know the names of any of them.
Please help me...the only song I know is When I grow up from The pussy cats girls.

What else should I download?


Kimmy said...

RALLY?? I get my Gym buddy back??!?! WooHoo :) I'm glad you're ok! ummm there are tons of good pump up songs right now...there is lady GaGa "Just Dance", "Love Game", Bad Romance". There's Katy Perry "waking up in Vegas". Kelly Clarkson "My life would suck without you". Britney Spears "Womaniser". Beyonce "single ladies" lol all songs that have a really good pump up beat that will get you through the workout as if no time has passed!!

Andhari said...

Energetic music, right? Try anything by lady gaga. Just load them up!:)

Other suggestions :
Tic toc - Kesha
Dream - Lumidee
Toy Friend - David Guetta
Sucia - Pitbull

Lol lemme know if you need more :)

Chiquita Banana said...

Beware of the Dog - Jamelia
Days go By - Dirty Vegas
Oh Timbaland - Timbaland
Jump - Madonna

Becky said...

Just wait til i get home from work... I'll post a playlist for you!! Ha! Me and my playlists:-)

Josie said...

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