Friday, January 29, 2010

Dead laptop

After my last post my laptop died.
I am now on my itouch.
I dont know for how long I will be out of service.
I will try to get the geek squad to revive it.
I hope its not too big of an issue.
Wish me luck.

When I tried this morning to start it in safe mode it asked me to reboot twice.
So I rebooted twice and now it seems fine.
I back up all my things on an external drive and I am now waiting to see if it will crash.


Mrs. Lovely said...

Oh that's too bad! I hope they're able to get you back up and running soon!

Kimmy said...

Shoot...dead already?? but it's brand new....they better fix it for you! if not you're still on warantee!! Good Luck

Andhari said...

Aww :( hopefully it's fixed soon. I know how you can blog and read posts with any pda phones but it just feels different.

P said...

Hope you can get it successfully resusitated! (NO IDEA if I spelt that right...)

Anonymous said...

darn! that stinks! it's no fun writing from your phone.

juliewood said...

losing a computer for a bit feels like I lost my world. eek.