Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Four years ago

Four years ago today I was undergoing surgery. I will not go into the details of the surgery as I'd like to keep it personal, but I will share with you this episode of my life.

I had been in pain for months, trying different healing solutions given by doctors, until one surgeon decided it was time for surgery.
I had gone through so much pain that my entire life was revolving around this. I had to plan out my days and stay at home to ease the pain all evenings. The only thing I did was go to work painfully. I lost so much weight that by the time I went into surgery I was only 96 pounds.

Then January 06 2006 came; A few hours later I was back at my parents house still under the effect of the anesthetic. Completely drugged up with pain killers for days. Some days I don't even remember.
The days and weeks that followed were terrible, so much pain, infection and side effects from the medication. I taught I would never heal and that I would never go back home and to work.

After 3 months of hellish recovery I was able to go back home and to work.
It took over 2 years for the full healing process.
As of today I am still left with a few repercussion of this, but that I can manage without any problem. I can say I am back to normal and that I am healthy.

When I think back of those years, I am so grateful for so many things.
If my parents hadn't been there I don't know what I would of done.
If I didn't have friends that supported me even if I was far away from them I would have gone crazy.
That new pair of shoes or your grades in school or not having a boyfriend seems so insignificant when you are in pain.

Health is so precious, nothing else matters when you don't have it.


Iva said...

such a beautiful and thoughtful post. I agree with you, health is always the most important. I am so sorry you had to go through something like this. I am glad though that you are no longer in pain and stronger from having grown from such an experience. Parents and friends are truly an amazing support.

P said...

That is so true. We only have one body - we should take care of it and our health. Well said. :)

I'm glad you're better now.

Carrie @ Laugh Love Eat Ice Cream said...

I'm so glad that you recovered and are no longer in pain.

It is true, we often take our health for granted until we don't have it.

Gracie said...

I completely understand! And it's great that you really appreciate it and have gotten past those years of pain.
I know that we should be grateful to be healthy and I'm blessed to say I am.

I hope your well!

Just Add Walter said...

taking care of yourself is always top priority.... we often forget this though!! wishing you the best!

Valerie said...

I'm glad you are healthy now and are in a much better place. I'm sorry you had to go through something like that.

It's great to appreciate your health. I think people forget about that.

CGBG said...

Thankfully you are healthy now! Its amazing how quickly things can change. It's so important not to take anything for granted!

Annie said...

Thanks God you are healthy now. Life is only one and we need to take care of our body.

blueviolet said...

I'm so glad that you had that support system there for you when you really needed it. I'm glad that it's over and done and that you're in good health now!

Cheryl said...

I feel you. When I'm sick I like my mom there. I don't know why. She makes good food.

Glad you're better x

~KS said...

Health is such a gift... and one I think so many people take for granted.

I am so, so glad you are feeling well now!!

And I wanted to let you know I've been wearing my new moose jammies the last few nights and they are so comfortable!! I just love them!! Again, THANK YOU so very much!!!