Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I read a little article in the paper and it inspired me.

Each one of us has lived this moment to a point in our lives, being uncomfortable in a elevator.
The air suddenly seems to be heavy and leans on time, squishes time and stops it. Eyes everywhere! Quick you need to look at something! Anything! You need something to save your little eyes from the look that a stranger could give you.
The floors pass, until you reach yours. Damn! It was close, your eyes could have been in contact with that stranger, can you imagine the catastrophe!!!

Can you tell me what is this problem that we all have?
In the subway I would never stare at a hot guy. What if he found out I find him cute? Drama!
So as most of us do, we stare at the reflection of that person in the window. If her eyes crosses mine, I pretend to be looking out the window.

On the bus, we stare on the ground, outside or read 48 times the publicity on top of the windows.
All of that again to avoid the eyes of a stranger and the famous saying: You want my picture?
First of all no one ever says that.
Secondly if I want the picture of a stranger I can just go on Facebook.
Hey, what do you know, maybe I like to look people's 2007 BBQ pictures.

Apparently the most known fear in people is the fear of being left standing alone on in front of a crowd. Not ghosts, not spiders, not even dying.
To have a large quantity of eyes looking at you. We are more scared of people looking at us dying than dying. Isn't this nice?!

Thank god for babies! As soon as a baby enters a room, everyone stops to look at their shoes and starts to stare strait into the baby's eyes. Eyes that are sensitive, that do not judge, that do not hate. Neutral eyes, virgin eyes.
When the day is over, we go home and post our 36 new pictures of ourselves on Facebook.

This is the nicest part of the story, we want everyone to look at us, but we want no one to see us.


Breanna said...

Wow. That is oh so true. It's amazing I haven't ever thought of it that way until now. It is inspiring though I will say! I hope you are having a great week!


Carrie @ Laugh Love Eat Ice Cream said...

I never thought of it like that either. So true though, people love to look at other people, but only if the person doesn't know they're looking.

Andhari said...

Hey it's so true. I never really thought of it before but it's true. I don't like when people really stare at me, I'll look down. Exception when I'm on stage haha but when I'm back being myself I prefer to not be looked at.

Ashley said...

that is so true !! Very well written piece !

Spatzi said...

No, no one every says, "You want a picture?" Really. I mean, if you're going to say it, say it right. I say, "Take a picture, it lasts longer." *wink*

Melissa said...

beautiful article. I love the innocence that children carry. That's probably why i've dedicated my life to working with children =)

Sam said...

i left you an award on my blog :)