Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday's hot guy #16

Josh Duhamel is my guy of the week.

Born in Minot North Dakota in 1972, he is the oldest of 4 children, the only boy.
He started dating singer Fergie in 2004 and they got married early last year.
Enjoy the pictures, I am not sure about the bathingsuit lol


P said...

You always put the yummiest blokes on here! I mean, I know that's meant to be the point, but they always just happen to be ones I majorly love!

Andhari said...

As much as I think Fergie is talented, this guy is just wayyyy too hot for her. Sooooo hotttt.

Just Add Walter said...

picture #2... only he could make this look somewhat normal!?

picture#3... what is he looking at?! HAHAHA!

he is so hot!!