Monday, January 25, 2010

The not fashionable me

I have a confession to make for those of you who don’t know me; I am not a fashion person.

For some unknown reason I just can’t seem to be able to follow fashion.
I would love to be able to wear high heels, but they hurt my feet and they just aren’t me.
I would love to be able to wear make up, but I just feel I am putting on Halloween make up.
When a new trend comes out most of the time I don’t like it.

I know that I love comfort and I could be a little more stylish in my comfort, but I just can’t seem to get there.
All the new clothes that come out in stores could look very pretty on me, but I am always cold so I always wear something long sleeve.
Accessories are my worst nightmare, I really feel like I am playing with my moms stuff, not mine.
So most of the times, like my purses I end up giving them away.
I can not do my nails; either I always buy bad nail polish or I have just bad luck because it always chips the first day.

Seriously my fashion style sucks I feel like am I still stuck in my teen years.
When I see those makeover shows on TV I just want to scream out, pick me pick me.

Any advice? I need an intervention.


My Life in Purple said...

I've always thought "Classic" was always a better look than "Trendy". Just some great basics with great accessories, and you don't have to worry about throwing out your clothes when a new trend comes around!

And, for the record, I lived in Montreal for a few years (in NDG actually) and I NEVER felt fashionable!

Bearette24 said...

Caro - I know exactly what you mean. I hate high heels, and I prefer to be comfortable. I also hate shopping for clothes. And I never wear accessories. So, you are not alone :)

Annie said...

My only advice is wear clothes, shoes and accessories if you feel comfortable with them. Do not buy cloth because is "trendy" or "fashion" just buy it if you like it.

Have a nice week.

Becky said...

opi nail polish is the best! Don't wear something if it doesn't feel like "you". But also don't be afraid to go a little out of your comfort zone. I wish we could all go on a shopping spree!!!

P said...

I'm not particularly fashionable myself, I just wear what I think suits me, regardless of whether it's in or not. And I totally can't do high heels either - if possible, I wear ballet pumps as much as I can get away with, despite being a short ass.

If you are always cold maybe you could try the layered look to incorporate the pretty clothes you don't feel you can wear into your look. Mind you, i wouldn't have the first idea how to go about that . . . too many layers make me feel fat!

Christa said...

I think comfort is key...I TRY to avoid trendy looks and stick with the classics. I never want to look back and go OMG what was I thinking?! Although I already have lol....

Josie said...

Tu es juste toi, ma belle Caro. Pis ça fait quoi que tu ne sois pas à la mode?

Une intervention? Accepte-toi comme ça. Et vas voir Fred :)

Spatzi said...

Well, now. If you are going to do this, do it right! Make it a series. Post some pics of your typical dress and let us give suggestions to make it more you. :) Hehe. And then post some "the result of taking your advice" posts. Muah ha. It'd be delightful fun!