Monday, March 22, 2010

Holguin, Cuba part 2

Here is the second part of my trip.

Everyday the sky and sea were crystal clear :)

We went on a pedal boat adventure and had trouble returning to shore. We changed places in the boat so that the palms could actually touch the water. I slipped and made myself a horrible bruise a little bit bigger than a golf ball on my butt cheek.

D's sister came up with the idea of doing a speedo contest. So most of our vacation we were on the look out for guys wearing speedo's (sorry if your guy wears one)

Wednesday night things turned ugly. I got really sick, dizziness, diarrhea, blood pressure drops, hot flash, ect... and it lasted for 3 days; I am still not completely back from it. We are not sure if it was the famous Tourista, the food, a bug or dehydration. So I mostly stayed in bed for the rest of the trip, but I still have a few picture to show you.

Thursday D's family headed outside the resort on scooters to see the people and how they live.

D's mom scooter broke down on the side of the road and the got stuck there for more than 3 hours not speaking the language. As you maybe know in Cuba because of the trade embargo with the United States there is no vehicle or car parts that have come in to the country since the 1950's. The guy from the rental place drove there to help them after half of the group returned to the resort; D's mom did get her money back.

Before the scooter broke down they were able to visit the site where Christopher Columbus arrived int the 1800's (I think)

The Friday I was able to get out of the room a few minutes, just in time to see D's parents in the sea waving.

It was D's parents, my friend Sylvain and my sister first trip ever out of the country. Look at the smile on my sisters face :) She had the trip of her life!

The day of the departure me not so well with D in bed.

Me at 4 o'clock waiting for the golf cart to come pick us up to go check out.

The famous golf cart.

Back in Montreal waiting for our ride. I am showing off my tan that I got even if I spent most of the last 3 days in bed.

And a happy me going home in the limo.

We got home it was around 1:30 am, we had food/pizza delivered as at the time we left the hotel we did not have dinner.

It was my third year in Cuba and I learned a few things

-Drink lots of bottled water to prevent dehydration.
-Cuban toilet paper is not soft.
-Communicating rooms with a couple that argues all the time and have a crying baby is no fun.
-Imodium is necessary
-Cuban people love if you bring chocolate (other stuff as well)
-Banana's don't grow in a tree but in a huge plant.
-If your are a citizen of the United State and go to Cuba the US government will give you a fine of 10000$
-Canada has a beer brewery in Holguin.
-If you pass customs in Cuba with more than 200 convertible pesos, they cease your money.

Unfortunately I did not rest like I wanted (special thanks to crying baby), but I did not think about work at all the entire week.

I did have a nice trip even if the end was a bit crappy, but to see my sister smile and glow so much after all she's been through the past few years, it was all worth it.

I did get to practice a little bit my Spanish, but I am shy to use it.

It was supposed to be our last trip down south, we now want to start exploring the rest of the world, but I guess we'll see next year what happens.

After a day of laundry, tomorrow is back to reality.

Hasta Luego!


Geez Louise♥ said...

Its beautiful there! Im sorry you were sick lady!! You are too stinkin gorgeous! Missed you while you were away!

~KS said...

So beautiful... ugh to being sick on vacation :( No fun... sorry you had to spend so much time in bed feeling ucky!

Feel better soon!

Annie said...

So sorry you were sick on your vacation. Beautiful pictures from Cuba. Did you speak something on spanish there?

Have a great week.

Genybou said...

Wow nice picture !!! Glad you had a nice trip !!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

What a wonderful vacation! I'm so envious! Lols. Great pictures. Sorry about your golf ball sized bruise. Hope you're feeling better. =)

Christina said...

Sorry you were sick :( I am still jealous of your time in the sun. Enjoyed your guest pots too.

Annie said...

Bummer about getting sick on vacation...but at least you got a nice tan!!

Chocolate Lover said...

Sorry you were sick! Hope you feel better now!

Valerie {Next to Heaven} said...

It looks like you had a great time! I got sick when we went to the DR so I feel ya!