Monday, March 15, 2010


Hello Carozone fans! While our lovely Caro is away, I thought I would
stop by and keep you company. I'm KS, from While We're Waiting.. and
our topic today involves needles.
But, in my opinion, the only good needles there are.... tattoo needles.

I suppose I surprise people when they find out I have quite a few
tattoos (the count is up to seven...). Not sure why... maybe I don't
look like a "tattoo person?" Although, I've always wondered what that
Anyway, my most recent additions were some text on my feet. A few of
you who stop by my place now and then have asked what my tattoos

On one foot: I took the road less traveled by
Other foot: And that has made all the difference.

It's the last line from my favorite Robert Frost poem, "The Road Not Taken."

Since my footsies have gotten inked up, I've been itching for another
tattoo. It's pretty addicting... and I think I want more text. My
challenge is where to put them. My future career is a bit conservative
so my options are limited.

Here are some text tats I think are pretty fantastic...

How about you? Any tattoos? Thinking about getting one?


Seyma said...

wow Kristen!! you have tattoos huh?? :) i wanna get one too but i'm aoo afraid to get hurt while getting it.. so i can't go to have one..

does it hurt too much??


Kristin said...

What a cool idea. LOVE it K! I am inked...but with a pitiful little pink rose. Le sigh.

Lace said...

I love it :)

So glad you posted about this! I asked about your tats a while back and have been wondering ever since! If I were to be all brave and woman life, I would get a tattoo & it would most def. be only text. Love it :)

P said...

You really DON'T seem like a tattoo person but I'm not sure why! I know loads of people with tattoos that don't seem the type. :)

I'm not a tattoo person myself. I admire other people's (as long as they aren't covered top to toe in them, that scares me a bit) but it hurt enough getting my nose pierced!

sprinkles said...

I have 2 tats. I like where they are because I can cover them up or show them off very easily!

I like that you chose a poem meaningful for you and had the text tatted. I don't know what text I'd choose if I were to ever get some done. I do like the one that says, "Pain makes you beautiful." I've had a lot of pain in my life.

My first tattoo doesn't really mean anything, I got it spur of the moment. Still like it though and am glad I got it. Gotten lots of compliments on it. Second one is meaningful as I kind of created it myself from two temporary tattoo designs.

I want another one but I don't know where on my body to put it. I want a little pixie.

Gracie said...

I love text tattoos. Especially when they have so much meaning.

I want a cross on my wrist and a butterfly on my lower back ;)

Anonymous said...

i've thought about it...but i know i would regret it eventually...


Ela said...

I've always loved that poem!