Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday's hot guy #21

Hello, everyone! I'm Andhari from Insomniac Lolita and I'm taking her post this Saturday as ambassador to Hottieville. That's right, while she's enjoying her weekend away, pleasuring your eyes is still the main priority.

I always find myself to be an appreciator ( sometimes a creepy one at that ) of God-gifted beauty, especially in men. I applaud them ( and print their pictures for my collection -- ahem! ) if they have yummy sculpted body with muscles in all the right place, smoldering eyes, and sexy lips. And if they have radiating confidence, clean, and know how to dress themselves? HELLO. PUT A RING ON IT.

So when Caro asked me to pick a hot guy for this week, I made a long list. Narrowed it to 10 then 5 then 3, closed my eyes, eenie-minie-mo-ed it ( I can't pick! I'm GREEDY!), and the result is...JESSE METCALFE.

Or as I would prefer to call.. John Tucker. My goodness, almost every chick flick fan I know would prefer calling him that. Remember how sexy he was as a bad basketball star in John Tucker Must Die?

Speaking of bad boy, he played the role often. He was this younger guy Eva "BonyCougar" Longoria cheated his husband with in Desperate Housewives.

More about him? He was born in California,32 years ago, but grew up in Connecticut. He's a mixed of French, Italian, and Portuguese. His hobbies are basketball, sculpting,piano, and golf. He used to work in landscaping business before seriously did professional modeling, which led him to acting. You can read more here.

Have a very happy Saturday!


Christina said...

Nice pick lady. Hot stuff.

~KS said...

he is hot!!

Little Miss Tiara said...

:O look at those abs! *faints*
haha, you made my day Andhari! xD

Andhari said...

Pleasure's all mine, girlies.