Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Hello all readers! This is Tiara from littletiara here, first off, I’d thank Caro for giving me the chance to do this guest blogging in her fabulous blog while she’s away on a very very fun vacation. She better bring me home some souvenirs or… *insert devil smirk here*

Okay, so Caro asked me to say about taboo things, which I’m not really an expert of. After digging my brain, rolling on my bed and eat chocolates for days (those are the rituals to get some inspirations, you know?), I finally remember I have one! Not really my experience, though. It’s my friend’s story.

Imagine yourself, walking in an empty road, yeah walking, in a broad daylight, notthe creepy dark night walking in an alley, no, you are enjoying the scenery and fresh air and all, suddenly, out of nowhere, a guy in motorcycle passes you by. Of course you won’t pay much attention to him, until he stops his motorcycle before you and open his pants and shows you his “thing” (you know what I mean right?).

Yeah! Exhibitionist!


Now tell me how would you react?

If it were me, I would be so freaked out and maybe run as fast as possible, leaving that guy happy. Because that’s what he aimed, to scare people. But what else I can do?

Oh, don’t worry my friend knows the solution.

So she stopped there, stared at the guy (or his Mr. P? I don’t know) and cooly said, “Man that’s small…” and casually continue her walk.

Now, that’s my girl! Apparently, I have a really cool friend. Haha.

Poor little Mister and his little Mister P hahah.


Andhari said...

I re-read it twice just to check if Tiara indeed wrote this haha I had no idea she could talk about such feisty stuff ;) that's my girl!

Becky said...

ick! i wouldn't know what to do but i know i wouldn't have been clever enough to come up with she said!

P said...

what a great reaction! I think i'd just giggle and freak out if it was me.