Friday, August 12, 2011

A cat in my engine

For the past few days I've been hearing a baby cat cry outside (and not my cat)
Last night I went out to see if I could find him and he was in the bushes.
I scared him so he went to hide running.

Tonight when I finished work at 6, I got in my car with a friend and headed home. All of a sudden we hear meow, meow. So we stop the car and look under it and nothing.

I keep on driving and meow, meow. The cat in in my engine! So we head out a friends garage, who gets my car up on the lift and starts his search and rescue mission.

Do you see him? The little beige thing there in my engine?
So my mechanic friend took my car apart to get to the kitten.

Here is my friend Gen re-hydrating the kitten, he spent the while day un the sun and heat stuck in my engine. Poor thing. The good news, my mechanic friend adopted him!


Little Miss Tiara said...

omg caro i missed you! And yay! You come with cat stories not only one but two! anyway, your cat looks like mine :)) not this one, the one you told us about earlier ;D

it's a good thing the cat is save, I love people who adopted cats :D they need us, and unconsciously, we need them too... I love talking to my cat when I have nothing to do :))

Pearl said...

Oh, good for the kitty!

My father once drove 30 miles to work with a cat balanced on his engine!


Bossy Betty said...

Oh my! So glad there was a happy ending to this story!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Oh yeah, this happened to us a couple times too. We did a little research online and found out this was actually pretty common, especially during the cold months or rainy days. Cats want to stay warm that's why they climbed inside the engine. Anyhow, this went on for a couple weeks with us, one time there was one cat inside and then there was two. They broke they engine. We found out that cats don't like spices so we poured curry powder and peppers under the car and voila, the more cats. =)

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Aw! Well I'm glad he's going to a good home!

Melissa said...

He's so cute! I'm glad he has a home now!

Gracie said...

Aww the sweet little thing. Glad he has been adopted. He looks so sweet.

bmentz said...

oh goodness!!!!!!