Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A hug

Tonight I went out for dinner with my ex.
My ex that has now turned into my best friend.
My ex that stopped being my lover, because there wasn't any love, our destiny was to have an extraordinary friendship.

But tonight while talking with him, a cheesy song played on the radio and suddenly I felt the need to have someone in my life again.
I needed a hug, but not a hug from a friend, but a pair of arms around me from a man who loves me.
No, I am not still in love with my ex and I probably never will be again, I am convinced. But at that precise instant I was wishing he was another man.
I was wishing I had a man to call and that he would come to rescue me and offer me that hug I needed so deeply.

Being single over the years can be great, but it will never replace the contact of a man in love.


Melissa said...

There are definite pros and cons to being single and being with someone. Not being in a relationship can be daunting at times.

bmentz said...

i know that feeling...you are so brave!