Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Guy/Girl friendship

Friendship between guys and girls, do you believe in it?

I am part of the group who doubts it, but that want to beleive in it.
I believe that there is always on of the two, who in the back of their heads wants more.

I have a few guy friends, not much, but we are both single.
I am not sure that if either one of us was in a relationship would be as simple, just to avoid jealousy from the spouse.

And friendship with ex's, do you beleive in it?

Again I would like to say yes, but I think it is possible that one of the two may have other intentions in mind.
Currently I am friends with my ex D, and everything was going great with his girlfriend until last weekend. He mentioned to me that she finally admitted not being comfortable with our friendship.
So I took my distances, and it's ok I respect her. But at the same time I am pulling away from a friendship and that sucks.

So how are you friendships with the opposite sex?


bmentz said...

most have been totally fine but i do agree that in the back of our heads there is always that question..."what if..."
you know? sometimes i like to put myself in the shoes of my guy friends actual girlfriends...would i like my bf hanging around another girl? hmm, i guess it all depends on the situation?

Venassa said...

I'm sure in most cases at least one of the people involved end up wanting more at some point, but it is possible for two people to just be friends and never have those kinds of feelings at all. I'll admit that I've liked most of my guy friends at one point or another, except for one. But we're pretty sure he's gay.
Friends with exes is harder because obviously the feelings were at least there at some point but as long as there's no new person in the picture getting jealous, I'm fine with it. Really sucks though that your ex's girlfriend doesn't feel good about you two being friends. Maybe if she got to know you better? Who knows. But I guess that might not be an option either.

Melissa said...

I'm friends with guys but I don't "hang out" with them. It's a tricky situation. It really is!