Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Iron Maiden/ Kayak/ Hot Tub

Me and that guy I used to date (B) are in the basement of the house of my ex P.
I assume we just had sex as I am only wearing his Iron Maiden t-shirt.
He goes upstairs and I follow him.
Once I get there there is a huge part going on.
Some guy come to see me and tells me: Hey B is flirting with college girls.
I say I don't care he's drunk and he has syphilis anyway.
I walk outside and the backyard is full of snow with little paths all around.
Then I see these 2 guys in a kayak on the snow, yelling that even if they were going slow they were going forward.
I go back inside and tell a girl that there is a secret passage in the second floor.
That is you are able to crawl through there, there is a hot tub.
So I go and crawl up there and there is B in the hot tub with another girl.
The girl I'm with looks at me as if I should be jealous, so I turn around and there I am sitting in a kayak rowing.

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Melissa said...

And I thought I had weird dreams. ;)