Sunday, September 20, 2009

A day at the ZOO

D had promised me that we would go to the ZOO and today was the day.

I got to be a giraffe.

D got to be a lion.

I got to ride an elephant.

D flew a plane.

I got to sit in a kangaroo's pouch.

D fought with an alligator.

Seriously here a few goods pics my cheap camera was able to take. I would of loved to have a good camera and to be able to cross a few gates, but I did not want to be electrocuted or to swim through the little swamps that separated us from the animal.

You remember Melman from Madagascar.

Of course you all know Alex the lion king of New York; He was in the neighborhood so he stopped by.

The plumpy and chunky Gloria.

We finish out the day with a stop at a ice cream stand.
I had a great day, not too many people and not too warm outside.
It was very nice spending this beautiful day with my lover, enjoying every minute together.


Andhari said...

So cuteeee! I haven't been to the zoo for ages, and the local one here is actually pretty close from my house. I lovvvve to see lions and elephants too.:)

~KS said...

I love the zoo... I am never disappointed after a day at the zoo!! Looks like you had fun too!