Sunday, September 13, 2009

Life as a single girl 1/6

Just a little after noon I drove my boyfriend to the airport.
He has a entire week of flights and presentations through out Canada.
He has 11 planes to take in 6 days. The good side of the trip..he'll get to see his family and he'll have a girlfriend that will have missed him a lot when he gets back.

So yes for 6 days I am a 'single' girl :)
All week I'll keep you posted on my single life lol

What am I gonna do special? I have no clue. So far today I went clothes shopping with my sister, I cleaned the house and did groceries.
I am just gonna enjoy my alone time and try to do 'girl' stuff.

Any suggestions?

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Andhari said...

Brunch with your girl friends, taking trips to spa / salon to get full body pampering, go for a ladies night at your fave clubs, taking pilates or yoga classes with your girl friends, shop a lot, girls night in with popcorns and ice cream and chick flicks, throw a dinner party, bowling, karaoke, etc. Haha.