Saturday, September 12, 2009

New laptop

Yay I finally bought my new laptop last night!
But guess what I am still writing from my old piece of shit.
My new laptop right now is not very user friendly with his *beeping* Windows Vista.
I wanted to wait for the ones coming with Windows 7, but I just couldn't and I should of. Right now I just feel like throwing the thing across my living room.

I'll ask my geek boyfriend to help me when he'll get up, but he is a Linux user, so I have an idea of what he will tell me. He already installed my a bunch of stuff I use lat night but not everything. Since I don't consider myself as completely clueless with computers I decided to install MSN on my own (which I have done in the past with no problems at all on windows XP).
Well I cant *beeping* do it with Windows *beeping* Vista. I've downloaded 3 times all the MSN live bullshit junk and in my start up menu I still have: Windows Live messenger Download. What the hell am I doing wrong? Ok I am French and I got the Windows Vista in English, but that has nothing to do with me not being able to install, I believe I understand English pretty good.

So yeah I could of wrote all of this from the new laptop (yay), but I just don't feel like touching it right now. I'd just want to delete all the stupid icons in the start up menu that I don't *beeping* need.

With the new laptop (yay) I did get a free upload to Windows 7 when this one comes out, which is apparently very good (cant be worst than Vista).

In the meantime if any of you have experience with Vista and can help me please do not hesitate to guide me.

Thank you ladies for your mental support. Geek boyfriend got up and fixed my problem. Then I spent the entire day(12 hours) transferring files and reorganizing my stuff. Now I am too tired to enjoy the new laptop lol


Loys said...

I'm using Vista and I actually don't have any problems with it. I wish I could help you, but I'm not the biggest computer I have no clue why the download is not working. Weird.

Nic said...

I'm crap at computer stuff...but, erm, good luck!!

Andhari said...

Ahhhh I want a new laptopppp :) preferably a macbook, my laptop is a junk :p I'm glad in the end you get things to work :)