Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Life as a single girl 4/6

Today was a hard day, with a little bit of good.
Here's a mix of a little bit of everything that happened.

Bad sleep again, low staff at work, lots of tension.

I went out with a friend for dinner, which was very nice. We chatted for few hours about this and that. I think this guy will be a friend of mine for a very long time.

I got another friend an interview today for a new job after losing his current job.

Spent 45 minutes trying to remove the ugly nail polish from yesterday and it is not all gone. Bad cheap stuff that doesn't want to go away and of course it's black so I look like I have dirty nails.

I cleared my credit card and now I am broke.

One of my girlfriends mother is living a rough part of her life health wise, but she is in a good period right now and it makes my friend smile, which makes me smile.

Spent over an hour trying to do my new short hair and I realized that I don't like short hair.

I don't feel like going to work tomorrow and I don't feel like going to Spanish class tomorrow. I just want to spend a lazy day in bed watching girl movies.

I miss my best friend, but reading my new blogger friends helps.

The cat doesn't understand me when I talk to him in French.

I hate Wednesdays, always have, always will.

I bought Halloween candy to give to kids and I don't know if kids come by in this neighborhood. So I'll end up eating them.

I wanted to talk to my boyfriend but he was with his family and I'd rather talk to him face to face. So the conversation was very short.

I gained another pound and I skipped the gym for another day.

I want a massage so bad, my body is hurting for everywhere.

I'm going to bed to continue reading a book I started.


Anonymous said...

- i'd really like to meet that cool special friend of yours! :p

- i have a grinder for your nail polish.

- hope your hair dryed okay! =)

Andhari said...

Ohhhh girlie, I think you deserve one of the trips to spa very soon. You do will feel better with a massage, or with a lazy day at home with favorite dvds. As a matter fact, I give myself one of those days today :)